Participants will receive a Medal for Superior, Excellent, Good Ratings





You play an important and integral role in the process as your participation today will help to instill in these students a sense of achievement and an affirmation of their hard work and dedication throughout the year thus far.

The levels range from early beginner to advance and from no private instruction to several years of private instruction in collaboration with the class piano format at most schools.

The adjudications are a way to encourage the students to continue to excel and perfect their craft, as well as, an affirmation of your hard work and dedication in the music classroom.



 The Mission and Vission of the Keyboard Music Educators association (KMEA) is to provide a fair and valid adjudication process for the keyboard students of the tri- county area. 


As you all might be aware, the piano (Keyboard) programs across the county are being shut down due to lack of funding and low student- to -teacher ratio. We are just not cost effective – as per the business model of school management.

Of course, we do know how important it is to continue to maintain the programs as an integral part of the electives and arts courses at all levels. The committed educator members of KMEA would like to continue to foster and instill in our students, as well as our administrators, and the community at large the urgency in maintaining these programs accessible to all students.


Previous Presidents

                     2015-Present            Dr. Adalberto Yane                     

2010-2015                Mrs. Noila Ortega

2005-2010               Mrs. Sandy Harwood

2000-2005              Mr. Alan Caves

1995-2000               Mrs. Sandy Harwood

1987-1995                 Mrs. Judy Berger.